Economic Role

As a member of the local community, Simcoa plays an important role in the regions success.

It is Simcoa’s policy to support local business in its purchasing practices and also in the employment of local contracting services. This creates indirect employment for more than 600 people in the region.

Moreover, Simcoa is one of a small number of private enterprises directly employing more than 170 people (not including site-based contractors).

It is not only in the local community that Simcoa's role is active. Further afield Simcoa has an important role in the Australian economy. Australia, having once been a net importer of silicon, is now fully self sufficient in this strategic metal.

Measured in annual gross sales revenue terms, Simcoa is among Australia’s top 500 exporters. Further, the high quality of Simcoa’s product provides a valuable incentive to value-added processing in Australia’s growing aluminium industry.